Saturday, December 31, 2016

Christmas Gifts

I am so pleased with my gift from my son, daughter-in-law and grand-daughter.  It was a gift made from the heart.  I have been wanting a place to put peanuts and goodies for the squirrels.  My son made one for his yard a few years back and he gifted me with one of my own this Christmas!

This is placed so that from my sewing room I can see the squirrels as they eat.  They get inside and since the jar is glass I have a good view.  
We have it propped up for now and will better secure it in the Spring.  We have also filled the bird feeders and I added some apple slices as a special treat for them today.

Another great gift that I will enjoy for a full year is my 2017 Folk Art Calendar.  I love how it looks hung on the wall in its special calendar holder.  

Christmas is past and the clean up and putting away will begin on Monday.

I wish you all a


Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas Kitchen Towels

Two of the towels shown here came from:

The Christmas Angel

and the Kitten in the stocking.

The third one came from a different book;
that I will have to update information later.

Three kitchen towels all ready for Christmas.


Stitching Christmas Tea Towels

The designs I am sharing today came from the book:

Two Tea Towels

A close up view.

The first towel says:

Our Love Will Keep Us Warm!

The second towel:

Christmas Tree with Angels

I will be back to share more soon.
Merry Christmas!